Types of therapy and fees

Low cost counselling

From £10 - 45.
We offer low cost counselling to anyone who is worried about affordability. Our honorary therapists who staff the clinic voluntarily are all in training or working towards accreditation and further professional development under supervision from our experienced, senior psychotherapists.

Longer-term one-to-one
psychodynamic counselling

From £60.
We can offer longer-term one-to-one therapy for 1-2 years. This gives someone the time and space to explore difficult issues with their therapist in more depth.

Couples/relationship counselling

From £30 to £90.
Couples counselling can help you resolve conflicts around infidelity, trust, sexual compatibility, jealousy and the legacy of previous relationships.

LGBT+ counselling

From £5 for groups.
From £10 for one-to-one.
From £30 for LGBT+ couples.
Common problems for LGBT+ clients include acceptance of your sexuality/gender, a legacy of homophobia/transphobia growing up, and the impact on relationships with partners, family, friends and work colleagues. You can request an LGBT+ therapist if you prefer.

Brief dynamic counselling

From £60.
We offer brief, focused counselling for issues such as sexual health and wellbeing; harmful sexual risk taking or depression related to relationship problems or loneliness.