Celebrating our 60th Anniversary

Through 2018-2019, we are celebrating 60 years of pioneering work in the mental health field and in bringing about social change.

To celebrate our contribution to awareness of mental health, and the importance of supporting LGBT+ relationships at the heart of caring and thriving local democratic communities in the UK, we’re hosting the Inaugural Antony Grey memorial lecture. Our speaker is the renowned human rights activist Peter Tatchell, who will be giving the lecture at Magdalene College, Cambridge, 6.30pm, 16th April 2019. We invite you to join us.

Peter will be discussing: What should schools teach pupils about sex? This is an issue that Antony Grey published widely on based on Albany’s pioneering work in the second half of the 20th C. when it seemed that we made great social progress. Not until we faced the challenge of HIV/AIDS did we see a threat of a reversal again in public attitudes. Today, we are about to see RSE (relationship and sex education) made compulsory in all our schools, including faith schools. But are we ready for this change? Do we agree what pupils should be taught in RSE and how? As we see the extent of transphobia and homophobia today and a moral panic once more when faced with social change, it seems not all of us.

Please join us for the lecture, and a wine reception beforehand, where you will have an opportunity to talk to the Albany Trust team about our work today.

Peter Tatchell, renowned LGBT+and human rights campaigner

Peter Tatchell, renowned LGBT+and human rights campaigner