We offer help to individuals and couples experiencing problems across the whole spectrum of sexuality and wellbeing, within in the South London area.  We provide help and advice to people dealing with losing a partner or the break-up of a relationship; or people suffering with low self-confidence and anxiety; loss of desire and enjoyment for sex and help for sustaining sexual wellbeing in long term relationships and later on in life. Albany Trust believe that money should not be an issue, when wanting to seek help. Therefore Albany Trust offer a low cost therapy system.

The services we offer include:
Low cost counselling
One-to-one/ individual counselling
Couples counselling
Group therapy
LGBT counseling for individuals and couples
Brief counseling for specific issues such as sexual addiction
We are also able to offer a limited number of therapy to the BSL community (PLEASE CONTACT FOR MORE INFO)
If you are unsure about whether Albany Trust is suitable for you, please do not hesitate to call or send an email to our office. We endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

Low cost counselling
We understand the financial demands that people are under when they decide to undertake therapy. We are aware that everybody’s circumstances are different.
As a charity, we are able to offer low cost counselling to those who cannot afford standard counselling fees. Included in this are those who are students, unemployed, and those on benefits or on a low income who we would encourage to ask about our low-cost options.
Our low cost fees range from £10 - £45 for individuals and £40 - £55 for couples. To see whether you qualify for our low cost counselling, please click here to see our Fees page.
Our low cost service is staffed by honorary therapists who are in training or working towards accreditation under the supervision of senior experienced therapists. We are interested in your feedback on whatever aspects you find helpful and whether you are making progress towards stated goals and we actively monitor the effectiveness of the therapies that we offer.
One-to-one/Individual counselling
We offer a service to individuals who are having difficulties with their sexuality or relationships. Therapy allows the individual to explore these issues in a non- judgemental space with somebody who understands and has experience of working with the issues involved. Unhappiness in these areas of our lives can often contribute to depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, loneliness and isolation all of which can worsen without support.
Often what people say was the most helpful thing about their therapy is that it allowed them to talk about things they were uneasy about but felt no one else could help them with. At Albany we can offer therapy for 1 to 2 years, which many people value to give them the time and space to address their issues, as well as brief focused therapy for up to 20 sessions.
Our Aim:
 We believe everyone has a potential to enjoy sexual intimacy in relationships throughout their adult life and that counselling and psychotherapy can be used to help achieve greater confidence and sexual wellbeing.
Brief Therapy
For people seeking help with specific issues such as impotence or issues where they would like more focussed help we offer a brief, structured therapy for up to 20 sessions. Depending on what you are looking for help with we will recommend an initial number of sessions.
Couples/relationship counselling
Often relationships go through various stages and people can feel ‘stuck’ or that they have grown apart at many different stages of their life. We recognise that relationships come in all shapes and sizes and there is no single way to be in a ‘good relationship’. Therapy can improve your capacity to communicate with each other honestly and openly and provide a safe space to discuss how you can also improve your sexual relationship.

Areas that we offer help with
Coping after an affair
Difficulties communicating with your partner
Difficulties in your relationship after the birth of child
Trust and Jealousy issues.
Coming to terms with separation and divorce 
LGBT Clients & Therapy
Albany’s tradition
 Albany was set up in 1958 as the first such organisation to promote wellbeing and address the needs of LGBT individuals in the UK, who lived, at that time, under the shadow of legal and social discrimination and continue to face challenges growing up feeling proud of who they are.
 Our pioneering work was not only focussed on helping clients but also training and educating other professionals, and increasing public understanding and acceptance of sexual diversity. For over 60 years, we have worked tirelessly to improve the sexual wellbeing of the UK’s LGBT communities, to make a difference to peoples’ lives, and change the climate of public attitudes towards valuing sexual diversity.
Common LGBT problems
 LGBT individuals can suffer from exactly the same problems as everyone else. But in addition there are challenges to overcome in life that sometimes can benefit from help:
• Coming out difficulties
• Difficulties that you face with acceptance of family, friends, work colleagues
• Understanding what your sexuality means to you and being comfortable with it
Our team of experts includes experienced LGBT therapists and you can request to work with an LGBT therapist if you prefer.

 Client's testimony
“Albany offered me a lifeline when I thought there was nowhere else to turn.
For me, therapy at Albany was the first step towards a new life, a life I truly value.”
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