LGBT Clients & Therapy

Albany’s tradition

Albany was set up in 1958 as the first such organisation to promote wellbeing and address the needs of LGBT individuals in the UK, who lived, at that time, under the shadow of legal and social discrimination. 

Our pioneering work was not only focussed on helping clients but also training and educating other professionals, and increasing public understanding and acceptance of sexual diversity. For over 60 years, we have worked tirelessly to improve the sexual wellbeing of the UK’s LGBT communities, to make a difference to peoples’ lives, and change the climate of public attitudes towards valuing sexual diversity.
Common LGBT problems

LGBT individuals can suffer from exactly the same problems as everyone else. Therapy can help to explore issue that you may have with your sexuality such as:
  • Coming out difficulties
  • Difficulties that you face with acceptance of family, friends, work colleagues
  • Or simply understanding what your sexuality means to yourself and being comfortable with it.
Our team of experts includes experienced LGBT therapists.

“Albany offered me a lifeline when I thought there was
nowhere else to turn. For the first time I was able to
really look at my life and how I felt deep down about myself.
For me, therapy at Albany was the first step towards a new life, a life I truly value.”

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