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Aims and Objectives
The Albany Trust exists today to provide high quality therapy and counselling services based on evidence of what works and feedback from our clients about what is most helpful. We are committed to improving the emotional and sexual wellbeing of our clients and of the community in general and we believe strongly that this support should be available for all who need and can benefit from this help.
We understand the importance of sexuality and acknowledge that sexuality is not always easily defined in every individual.  We have been helping people with these issues since 1958 so we know from experience that there is a whole spectrum of different gender, sexual and relationship expressions.
Our History/Legacy
Originally created in 1958 as an organisation to support the campaign for the decriminalisation of homosexuality, Albany quickly began to address the personal and social welfare, as well as mental health needs of other sexual minorities. Led by courageous and widely respected figures such as Antony Grey, Albany’s sustained research and education efforts eventually led to a recognition that not only did these groups experience social stigma and discrimination, they also often suffered mistreatment and misunderstanding from within the mental health profession itself. During the 1960s, Albany was a leading body in establishing professional help for the homosexual community; in the 1970s we pioneered important work around gender identity and in the 1980s we helped ensure a more effective response to the crisis of AIDS. During this time we also helped establish the UK’s leading professional body for counselling and psychotherapy, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. The vision of the founding figures and early supporters of Albany, who included prominent literary figures such as Jacquetta Hawkes, J.B Priestly (An Inspector Calls) and Angus Wilson, as well as leading thinkers and authorities in the fields of ethics and human sexuality, was for a more inclusive and tolerant society. Albany’s founding mission, therefore, was to help society grasp the opportunity for change enabled by the far-sighted recommendations of the government’s 1958 Report following the enquiry led by Lord Wolfenden.

Who We Are Now
Today, the Albany Trust is made up of a Board of Trustees and a team of qualified and training therapists and counsellors who all have an interest and a commitment to providing the most effective forms of therapy for sexual and relationship issues.

The Board of Trustees are:

Keith Mitchell
Jeremy Clarke

Our Practice Managers are fully qualified MHFA (Mental Health First Aid).

We are also registered with Counselling Directory

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